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Vulse offers a unique experience by combining rapid, thrusting motions with powerful vibrations, delivering precise G-spot stimulation that leads to intense climaxes. With the ability to reach speeds of up to 120 strokes per minute and a 10mm thrusting length.


Key Features

  • Powerful Stimulations: Combination of fast thrusting movements and intense vibration deliver pinpoint G-spot stimulations.
  • Easy Insertion: Sleek tip makes it slide in smoothly anytime the mood takes you.
  • Flexibility to Unlock Ultimate Climax: App-controlled allow Vulse to be managed by sound, music, or motion, freeing up user's hands to cook, clean, play, or engage in whatever activities.
  • Patterns: Custom vibrations to suit body's needs. Create your own, program your toy, or search our library of more than 100,000+ unique vibes.
  • Group Control: Take group chat to a whole new level with Lovense toys.
  • Close Range and Long Distance Control
  • Wearable and Hands Free Thrusting Egg Vibrator


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